What Is A Life Group?

*  Life Groups are a ministry structure where nobody has to stand alone.

*  They are groups of people (6-16 people) that meet regularly in homes or just about anywhere to pray, seek God, find accountability, look at the Bible    

   and apply it for real life stuff, and fellowship with one another.

*  Life Groups are a place of encouragement and teaching.

*  They develop future leaders of new life groups that will start because there are more people that need a place to belong and find the answer in Christ.

*  Life groups are a place of caring, sharing, and bearing one another’s hurts, pains, and fears.

*  It is a place of healing, love, and forgiveness.

*  They are groups that are more than just about the people in them. They reach out to hurting and broken people who need Jesus just as much as the

    people in the group need Jesus.

*  A life group is where we all need to be.

*  Life Groups help to facilitate evangelism and spiritual growth at First Christian Church through authentic, Christ-centered relationships, and  

   application of Biblical principles to daily life.

Join the Life Group Leadership Team:

The Life Group Leader A Life Group leader must initially be interviewed by the Life Groups Ministry Leader. After the interview one must attend Life Group Leadership Training which is a four hour course. After which the leader, along with the Ministry leader of Life Groups will work together in forming the rest of the team: the Assistant and the Host. A mandatory monthly meeting for continued training, accountability, and encouragement will be held on the Third Monday of every month.

The Life Group leader takes on the responsibility of choosing and facilitating study material required by the new group. This person will also help train and equip the Assistant to one day lead his/her own group. A life Group leader must have a heart for people, be humble, and have a teachable spirit.

Assistant Leader An Assistant will be chosen by the Life Group leader with the help of the Life Groups Ministry Leader. The Assistant will be mentored until they are ready for a group of their own. At which time they must meet the same criteria as the Life Group leader.

Host Homes